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The Pack

Girls, the right of the strongest and hockey. In the group of today’s teenagers, they live according to the laws of the wolf pack. At school and in the hockey locker room, where the newcomer David comes. The authority of adults does not reach here, there are strict rules and rivalries. If someone wants to survive, they have to submit – or resist and fight for their place…


David is sixteen, has a beautiful girlfriend, his parents support him in everything he does and create a suitable financial background for him. He has just moved, he has to join the new hockey team Vlci and fight for the number one goalie. But a newcomer in a tightly knit team, unfortunately, does not bode well. Is David’s long hair to blame, because of which he immediately becomes the target of ridicule? Or the fact that David’s main rival, goalkeeper Miky, is the coach’s son? The spiral of bullying and fighting is spinning. For most players, it’s probably just fun at first, but captain Jerry’s pressure is constantly escalating. Some may disagree, but no one will do anything. And the bullying will then move from the locker room to the Internet. David doesn’t manage school, his beautiful girlfriend breaks up with him. On the contrary, his parents’ efforts to help him make things worse. Will David manage to win his place in the team, at school, in life, and defeat Vlci?

Premiere September 2020

In the world premiere on 5th September 2020, the feature film debut of director Tomáš Polenský called The Pack will be presented at the 60th Zlín Film Festival. The film was created in an international co-production of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Latvia and deals with the topic of bullying in a youth hockey environment.

This is the theme that opens a new Czech film, which we co-produced in the summer of 2019 in Zlín, where the plot of the film also takes place. The film The Pack from the hockey environment was produced by 8Heads Productions. For the film, we provided production service, location search, part of the film crew and film equipment.

The film was created as a feature film debut by director Tomáš Polenský, a graduate of the Film College in Zlín and FAMU, who has experience with the hockey environment. Tomas himself spent 16 years in youth hockey. He even spent several seasons coaching young people. He moved in the environment of the highest student competition, where was a huge competition, because the opportunity to play hockey professionally was literally within reach. In the film, Tomáš used a number of real situations that he experienced himself.

It was filmed in Zlín and Vizovice in July and August 2019 in several locations. The crew spent most of the time – 14 shooting days – at the Luďek Čajka Winter Stadium. The main roles are played by Tomáš Dalecký, Tomáš Mrvík, Jiří Vyorálek, Vlastina Svátková, Anastasia Chocholatá, Denisa Biskupová, Václav Vašák and Patrik Děrgel. The current players of the Zlín hockey team Berani also played smaller roles, and the audience get to see Martin Hosták, the former general manager of HC Berani Zlín, in the role of the manager of Vlci.

Video clip

Authentically shot film for cinemas is accompanied by the song Smečka by Renne Danga, which you can hear in the film, in the trailer and in a separate video clip:

Producers: Julietta Sichel, Jan Froněk (8Heads Productions)
Co-producers: Lívia Filusová (Furia Film, SK), Guntis Trekteris (Ego Media, LV)
Main partner: Prima FTV
Other co-producers: Moss & Roy, Sleepwalker, MagicLab, Studio 727, BB Rental, IS Produkce
World Sales: LevelK, Distributor: Bontonfilm
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